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is proud to present the


Road to Enlightenment Series


This four video set takes the beginning student as well as the advanced student deeper into the consciousness of the individual as well as the society that we live in.  Each video is an approximate length of  45 minutes and will contain enormous amount of information for your journey on your Road to Enlightenment.

  • In Part I of Road to Enlightenment Timaeus will take you on a journey into yourself, from your beginning, to help you see the roads that you were born into and help you focus on were you came from.     

  • In Part II of Road to Enlightenment Timaeus will help you begin to remove those barriers that have held you back in your life.  You will learn to remove other peoples negative opinions and help you focus out the negative that you grew up with, and focus it into a more positive response, which will begin to create a true inner self, that depicts who you really are or who you really want to be.

  • In Part III of Road to Enlightenment Timaeus will help you concrete what you have learned and teach you how to apply the knowledge that you already know with the knowledge that you will learn on a daily basis.  Timaeus will also show you how to learn more in your daily life, on your Road to Enlightenment.

  • In Part IV of Road to Enlightenment Timaeus will help reaffirm what he showed you in the previous videos, and give you advice towards your own journey, and help you focus on what you want from your Road to Enlightenment. 

This video set is an amazing tool, that has been brought about there years of study and practice, and you will walk away knowing and understanding a much more profound meaning in your life.  These videos, not only help you find what road you were born into but also what roads are open to you, and help you achieve true enlightenment.

The Road to Enlightenment, is a personal one, and Timaeus's only aim is to teach you a way of looking at your life and help you see the way that you look at all life.  These videos are a tool and are just the beginning in a journey that will be your greatest and most difficult journey in your life, but will also be the most rewarding.  I hope you enjoy these videos, they will change you.

--- Joseph ---

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